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We complete our countdown of iconic moments from Players Championship history by recalling when a seagull disrupted play at TPC Sawgrass' 17th hole. Brad Fabel was the first golfer in Players

Championship history to fire a hole-in-one on the signature par-three in 1986, but is best remembered for what happened 12 years later in golf's "fifth major".

Fabel hit his tee shot at the 17th on to the heart of the green, where a seagull was lurking close by and began walking towards his ball. 

 The seagull had a couple of attempts of grabbing hold of the ball before securing it in its beak and flying off, where the bird then promptly dropped it in the hazard.

With the crowd around the island green laughing at the bizarre incident, Fabel was allowed to place a new ball down without penalty - only to three-putt and card a bogey.

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So this is the year you’re planning on taking your game to a new level. You’ve spent months reading articles and tips about improving your swing and types of shots. You’ve made adjustments to your equipment either by getting a new driver or wedge or maybe just by having your clubs re-gripped in preparation for the next season.

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Champions can point to a pivotal moment that clear a path to victory. Alex Beach paved his way from the left rough on the 15th hole – the No. 1-ranked toughest hole at Belfair’s West Course Wednesday afternoon. It is destined to be video footage that Beach will never grow tired of playing

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Finally, if your schedule doesn’t permit you to play golf regularly on a league team, consider establishing a registered handicap through your local facility. These handicaps are devised mathematically by formulas established by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and are a great way to track your progress. Revised twice monthly, the review provided gives a solid charting of your scores based on the difficulty and rating of every course you play as well as making for a great topic for conversation with fellow players.